When do you ship?

Please see our shipping policy

Will I receive the exact plant that is pictured?

Unless specifically marked as "Growers Choice" in the product title, you will receive the exact plant pictured. In the event the plant is listed as "Growers Choice", you will receive a plant of the same type with similar size, age, and value as the pictured plant. 

What environmental conditions are your plants acclimated to?

We maintain our plants based on VPD (vapor pressure deficit) which dynamically adjusts humidity based on temperature. In general, unless otherwise stated, our plants are acclimated to between 60% and 74% relative humidity and 65-84 degrees Fahrenheit

How do you treat for pests?

We treat all of our plants with a continuous liquid systemic, as well as foliar pesticide and fungicide spray on a weekly basis.

Do you offer wholesale?

We do not currently offer wholesale