Live Arrival Guarantee

Live Arrival Guarantee

  • We guarantee live arrival from November through March with UPS Next Day. From April through October, live arrival is only guaranteed for UPS Next Day and 2-Day Air. 
  • If your plant arrives dead or has a major problem such as irrecoverable root damage, pest infestation, or loss of all leaves, you must message us within 1 hour of the package arriving on the first delivery attempt and follow the terms below to be eligible for a refund or replacement if possible.
  • We may request that the plant be returned to us at which point we will provide a prepaid shipping label for you to use. Please reuse the packing material that was sent with the order and take care in repackaging the plant to be shipped. 

To be covered by our Live Arrival Guarantee:

  • The shipment must be received on the first delivery attempt or picked up by the client at the shipper’s facility on the same day as the first delivery attempt.
  • Clear photos must be taken of the package before unboxing, the unboxing process needs to be recorded in full (please have someone help you with this or set up your phone to ensure a steady video,) and clear photos must be taken immediately after unboxing. Please capture images of the full plant as well as detailed images of the damage in question. Please also inspect for pests and take photos if any are found.

Things that void our Live Arrival Guarantee:

  • Waiting longer than 1 hour to inspect and message us about the product in question (we understand life happens though, if it’s within 3 hours and wasn’t sitting out in extreme temperatures/weather, please reach out!)
  • Failure to capture clear photos and video of unboxing. Please note that we photograph every order prior to shipping to document the health, conditions, and packaging of the items and will compare them to the photos received.
  • Altering the plant in ANY way before contacting us. This includes but is not limited to: cutting, repotting, removal or trimming of roots or leaves, application of fertilizer, insecticide, pesticide, fungicide, etc.
  • Failure to purchase additional cold or heat packs for a large plant in extreme temperatures.

What is NOT covered by Live Arrival Guarantee:

  • Minor damage due to shipping consisting of yellowing leaves, leaf loss, broken stems, cosmetic damage, bent leaves, fungal spots, minor pests, minor root damage. Even with the greatest care in packaging, shipping can cause stress to plants. These minor damages are normal and are not covered by our guarantee.
  • Delayed or mishandled packages due to carrier error.
  • Lost or stolen packages. Please file a claim with UPS if you suspect your package is lost or was stolen.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.

When contacting us about a replacement or refund, please email with the recorded unboxing video as well as pictures of the package and plant in question. In your message, provide detailed information on the major damage of the plant. We do our best to respond to any issues as soon as possible but in some cases it may take up to 2 business days to receive our reply.

If you have any questions about our Live Arrival Guarantee, please contact us!