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Astrophytum Asterias V-Type 'Super Kabuto'

Astrophytum Asterias V-Type 'Super Kabuto'

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Introducing the Astrophytum Asterias V-Type 'Super Kabuto'—a marvel for your botanical collection! Renowned for its striking appearance and rarity, this succulent stands out with its distinctive V-shaped markings and vibrant green hue. Its plump, rounded body adds an adorable charm to any space, while its minimal care requirements make it ideal for both seasoned collectors and beginners alike. Elevate your indoor garden with the ethereal beauty of the Astrophytum Asterias V-Type 'Super Kabuto'


Shipping Note: These rare cactus have small fragile root systems, and some may have next to no established roots. Given the fragility of these root systems we ship these cactus un-potted with a baggie of our house cactus mix for you to pot them upon receiving. During the rooting phase, we would recommend keeping these in high humidity to more easily adjust to their new pot. 

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